Add Class and Charm to Stairs With Custom Newel Posts

A staircase holds permanent and lasting quality, perhaps more than any other structural feature of a building. Part of this quality comes from the fact that staircase renovations or redesigns are usually finicky and disruptive activities, generally cutting off entire floors from entry while they are completed. For this reason, the best time to incorporate unique design and style features to a staircase is generally during initial construction. Any well-designed stair case with an eye to aesthetics can make a dull area into an invigorating and appealing living space.

Design for your staircase itself is one of the greatest areas to add a bit of style and also whimsy, even though these options can often be limited by the layout of the house itself. A winding staircase is not an option option for most smaller apartments or modern home styles. Without the ability to design the stairway’s structure to our whims, where will we turn to add our individual design touches? Hand railing and newel posts are good places to express ourselves through the inclusion of opulent molding, hand-carved components, and ornamental knobs and caps.

Knobs are usually hand-carved or even custom designed to match various furniture in the home, or even selected along whichever interior design theme is used within the house. Because these solutions to home décor are gaining in popularity lately, there’s an amazing array of custom newel posts and railings available for you to select from. A sea-themed house could possibly be reflected in a compass or ship’s bell newel post cap. Amazing Posting

You don’t need to be limited by the posts and rails in the staircase for your innovative styles. The multi-level dynamics of stairways can make them an awesome spot to experiment with illumination. Stair lights over the runners or mounted on risers can be used to superb effect, and are available in numerous designs and colors. Mixed with wall and ceiling mounted fixtures, your lighting choices may totally change the decor of your stairway and even the whole house.

Material alternatives for stairs, railings, and posts could have a great impact on the entire feel of the room. Metal rails can vary from antique to commercial, from artistic to sterile and clean. Carved wooden banisters create a perception of care with an old-world appeal, where a stock pine railing installed with metal brackets may be quite blasé. Color provides a tremendous chance to have an effect on the look of a building. Darker shades can make rooms look and feel smaller, that will make small spaces seem cramped, whilst rendering larger areas look a bit cozier. Brighter colors open up a room – a good thing when space is an issue, but adding a feeling of vulnerability to big areas.

Newel posts are the most prominent – as well as largest – posts in a staircase, gracing the top and bottom of the stairway, and marking alterations in direction on landings. Within spiral stairways, the newel post would be the primary core post of the stairs, which makes it crucial for the entire structure of the staircase. Anyway, newel posts are usually visible and important elements on the stair case, and their very dominance causes them to be perfect eye-catching elements of design for innovative home owners.

Homeowners of antique houses go to exceptional pains to restore and look after their newel posts – a functional testament to the tradesmen of yesteryear. Others search salvage yards or demolition sites in search of these structural gemstones. Certainly, there is much to be said for authentic antique newel posts, but they are in high demand and low supply. A little creativity and some after-market upgrades can transform a stairway into an innovative and pleasant space that will match the best-restored antiques.


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