There are millions of players today in the amazing World of Warcraft. The goals of each character may not always be the same, but there is one common need for each and every character whether you’re an Alliance or Horde, a mage, rouge, hunter, warlock, warrior, paladin, priest or druid; everyone needs gold. Gold is a commodity in the World of Warcraft. It is the currency of the game.

Every piece of copper, every silver coin and of course, every piece of gold coin, these are important and would ultimately be used. It could be for that amazing new mount, for the shiny and durable sword made by the Dwarves in the Great Forge, the gun assembled by a skilled Goblin engineer, basically almost anything you need, you can purchase it with the use of gold. There are exceptions to this of course but generally, gold is what you need to obtain good items.

One common place to buy good items is at the auction house. However items here are a bit expensive and sometimes downright unreasonable. Upgrading a character and making sure that the equipment of the character suits his or her role is vital in achieving your goals in the World of Warcraft. Since gold is very important and is in high demand, like anything else important it is hard to come by. A dollar does not grow on trees, so does a piece of gold in the World of Warcraft; you cannot simply pick it up. So how do you deal with this problem?

One way to obtain easy gold is to buy it. There are some players  Buy wow gold who use their characters just to farm gold and sell the gold they earn for real money. There are also internet websites and hackers who try to hack gold into the game which you can purchase. And what is the result of this? You get quick and easy gold for a relatively small and affordable price. However, buying and selling gold for money in real life is not only frowned upon by the community and by Blizzard entertainment (creators of World of Warcraft) it is actually illegal in the game. If you are caught buying and selling gold, not only the character but the whole account can be flagged, investigated and ultimately deleted.

Don’t fret yet however, because there is another way that is both legal and just as effective. A bit more time consuming at best but at least you do not run the risk of having your account deleted as it is purely legal and it does not destroy the essence of the game. You can get yourself a copy of a gold farming guide. Gold farming guides show you ways and techniques on how to effectively earn gold and get items that you need at cheaper prices. Basically, it is the knowledge of experienced players put into paper for beginners to learn from. It is a useful tool for beginners and it can be effective if it is well written.


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