A sleeping bag is not just a sleeping. The truth is there are many different kinds. Take camping sleeping bags for example. They are usually a lot larger, a bit more cushy and are also made to be more rugged and weather resistant then say the standard kids sleepover sleeping bags. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles all made to fit different extremes of camping.

When choosing a camping sleeping bag you first need to pick a comfort rating. Also sometimes called a temperature rating, it tells you to what degrees your sleeping AKSOUL sleeping pad bag can protect you and keep you in a comfortable range to sleep. Too high and you will be roasting in your bag, too low and you could catch hypothermia. So, it is very important if you are going to be camping in the wilderness, to pick the right camping sleeping bags.

When a bag is referred to as a 20 degree bag, it means that it will protect most people from weather that drops no lower than 20 degrees and keep them warm and comfortable. You do need to keep in mind that other factors affect the total warmth of a person or persons and this also needs to be thought about before buying a camping sleeping bag.

A basic tent warms the air inside its surroundings by 10 degrees, there are also special cold weather tents that warm the air even more, up to 30 degrees. A sleeping pad can be bought for colder camping climates and adds another layer of protection and warm cushioning between yourself, your camping sleeping bag, and the cold ground.

A three season rating on a sleeping bag will cover most temperatures that are mild, versus very hot or very cold and are the most commonly found sleeping bags. Always check your local forecast for the duration of your trip and bring extra clothing just in case. Careful research and planning ahead will insure that you have the right camping sleeping bags for your camping experience.

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