After the hype surrounding the first ProShares Bitcoin Futures ETF and an all-time high for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the BTC price is currently calmer again. However, Sportwetten-Rezensionen the bullish course for Bitcoin is likely to continue. Positive news, such as that from the online payment service PayPal, is providing a new impetus.

After the Bitcoin hype with an all-time high, the world’s largest cryptocurrency is currently swimming in calmer waters again. However, that could change again very quickly, since, in addition to bullish market indicators, sensational reports from industry giants in the payment services sector are making headlines in the crypto world and on the financial markets. The large and global online payment service PayPal is now reporting absolute record numbers for Bitcoin (BTC).

The most important cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is currently costing more than 62, 000 US dollars ( $62, 752. 23, +2. 52%, 10/25, 11: 38 a. m. Coinmarketcap ). Experts for cryptocurrencies continue to expect a significantly positive course for Bitcoin, extreme speculation even believes Bitcoin can reach prices of up to 1 million US dollars, which is unrealistic given the current market capitalization of almost 1. 2 trillion US dollars is.

In the course of the latest Bitcoin record run, PayPal has implemented its highest trading volume to date for the market leader Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency. On the day of the Bitcoin (BTC) record high, PayPal recorded a total of $145. 60 million worth of Bitcoin transactions. The new record for Bitcoin trading volume via PayPal represents a new record after the BTC price crashed to around 30k (US dollars) on May 19 this year. On this day, BTCs worth around 304 million US dollars changed hands. dollars the owner.

According to a report by Tom’s Hardware, the us has now taken over this cryptomining leadership position previously held by China. China had previously hogged a whopping 75% of the world’s bitcoin hashrate. Because many commercial crypto farms, which sometimes apparently even operate with Playstation 4 consoles ( from 379 euros at Amazon ), have now migrated from China to the USA and also to Europe due to the ban, the United states of america currently claims around a third the global bitcoin hash rate. Kazakhstan and Russia follow with 18 and 11 percent share of the Bitcoin hashrate respectively.

In total, an estimated 900 bitcoins are mined per day worldwide, which is somewhat more profitable than before due to the recent sharp rise in the bitcoin price. Cryptomining is still highly controversial because the resulting energy requirements are often covered with fossil fuels, and thus at the expense of the environment. Nevertheless, the responsible persons at the central bank in the usa recently announced that there will be no crypto ban comparable to that in China in the land of unlimited opportunity.

alve is throwing all blockchain games that, as crypto games, enable the issuing or trading of cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), without further ado from its Steam gaming platform. This means that all content based on blockchain technology will be banned from Steam in the future. In the relevant Steamworks documentation, Valve has added a thirteenth point to the existing 12-point rule and guidelines:

  1. Applications built on blockchain technology that issue or allow exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

Valve is making it absolutely clear that content that uses blockchains, cryptocurrency or NFTs may not be offered or sold on Steam in the future.

This step was made famous by the developers of the first-person adventure game Age of Rust. In a tweet, the game makers complained to their community that they were told that Steam will be removing all blockchain games from the platform, including Age of Rust.

With these changes and other measures, Valve apparently not only wants to take more action against insults, hate speech and sexual content on its platform, but also protect users from dangers associated with blockchain games and rip-offs. For example, the blockchain-based game Epic Hero Battles recently made negative headlines. Here, graphics and images were simply stolen from artists via NFTs and attempts were made to make money with them.

However, since blockchain games are becoming increasingly popular with gamers, it remains to be seen whether Valve will reconsider or at least revise this decision to fundamentally ban blockchain games. Meanwhile, competitor Epic Games is rubbing its hands and stressing that blockchain games remain welcome. Epic Games CEO and founder Tim Sweeney tweeted:

“The Epic Games Store welcomes games that use blockchain technology, as long as they follow the relevant laws, disclose their terms, and are age-rated to an appropriate group. While Epic doesn’t use cryptocurrencies in its games, we welcome innovation in the technology and finance. “.

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