Invention Process – How To Really Come Up With Great Ideas?

Ok, so you would like to know the invention process of how a successful puzzle inventor, (like me) comes up with ideas that give me at least 1 or more real chances of creating a successful toy or game per year that could make me at least $10,000 to $60,000 then keep reading…

There are several processes involved.

• Keep it fun, if you try to force yourself to churn out ideas it will be counter productive.

• Don’t use affirmations, (the Secret, etc) to try to develop the best board game of all time it probably won’t work, (full explanation is below).

• Keep your mind and eyes open to anything that has potential; two kids in a park playing around with a ball could give you a million dollar idea.

• Keep an ideas book handy, an inspirational idea or especially several can be forgotten just as quickly, so carrying a small notepad around, or a piece of paper with a pencil will come in handy. ideas for an invention

It is also a good idea to put all your ideas in such a book so you can aid the invention process and come back to them for further development.

The interesting about coming up with ideas is that most toy companies find it difficult to do, that is why they welcome outside help, and that is why this is an opportunity for you to make some money and have some fun.

When l tried to affirm that l could come up with the best board game of all time, it didn’t work.


something interesting happened. I started to get more ideas; and these weren’t poor quality ideas they were actually quite high. So much so that l almost got one accepted out of a handful of ideas.

I found that l was in the right place at the right time more often to get more quality ideas than l would usually get. I heard two girls talk about something ridiculous, which led to an idea, etc.

Another idea that almost took off was a board game called Insanity, where you either pick up two cards with an animal on them or one Character card and one Action card, then by using a simple version of charades or using sound or pictures only relay what you are, or who you are and what you are doing to everyone else. ideas for an invention

An example could be two animal cards, with a Mouse on one and T-Rex on another then relay a mutant Mouse+T-Rex animal to everyone else until someone gets it.

Or the Character, Action card example could be Darth Vader going to a party and relay that in a certain charades style until someone gets it.

I got this idea from the TV, where l was watching a comedy sketch of two people doing mime for two fish swimming backwards

This idea almost got accepted, but most toy companies don’t want to see a charades type game?



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