Making Businesses Run Efficiently With Digital Asset Management

The days of storing and filing important documents and images in lockable cupboards and cabinets are a thing of the past.

All around the world people and businesses are continually being introduced to the latest in technological gadgets and devices. The speed of technology development is both incredibly fast and almost scary.

Computer software is one area that is constantly changing and it’s often difficult to keep up with. Digital asset management is one form of software that has made its mark in the business world and its presence has proven to be a blessing for those businesses who like to make things run as smooth and as organised as possible.

A huge portion of today’s businesses have product images, design templates, documents, logos, photographs and PDF files, just to name a few. They’re all considered priceless and the thought of losing them is one that can be hugely detrimental to the company. Ensuring they are 100% secure, in an organised state and highly accessible to all people that need them is where digital asset management is so integral to day-to-day operations and maximum productivity.

For those businesses who have a heavy reliance on digital technology, digital asset management is possibly regarded as the most logical and effective means to managing company assets. It’s important to have, especially where a large amount of digital information is being stored and distributed to other parties.

Digital asset management allows digital files to be categorized, catalogued and also archived. Having a user-friendly system is great for providing future reference and retrieval of your files. By having this software a lot of frustration, downtime and unwanted costs can be avoided and other important aspects of the business can be focused on.

Photographers in particular, have become extremely fond of digital asset management systems. It allows images to be distributed online. digital asset management These files can be readily accessed using a sophisticated permission feature that provides user control access to required categories and assets. Once a photo is taken and the images stored, the software then reads the metadata and allows keywords and other relevant information to be assigned to them. This is highly effective for clients who need to search, view and access photos.

The return on investment using digital asset management makes it all the more appealing. According to recent research, the average person in the digital asset industry searches for a digital file over 80 times per week and fails to find it 35% of the time. By having this software you can reduce that figure to as low as 5%.

Original Image is a New Zealand company dedicated to providing innovative online tools and services for marketing communications, information management, and publishing requirements.

With this in mind, Original Image created Mosaic DAM Software. Mosaic is a high performance web based Digital Asset Management solution, which can be easily configured to fit with any company brand.

Founded on Digital Asset Management (DAM), Original Image offers a suite of world-class products and services to assist companies in any industry to better manage in a digital world.

Already recognised as best practice for a growing number of businesses worldwide – the business tools offered by Original Image are essential to the efficiency of your business.

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