Mobile Workforce Tracking Field Service Efficiency

Optimising field service efficiency lies at the core of today’s productivity-driven, fleet service businesses. Competing for and maintaining customer contracts in today’s touch economic climate means the vital link between business and its customer is crucial at all stages within schedule cycles.

Mobile workforce tracking is a dynamic, field management telematics tool, enabling a realtime tracking, workflow solution and a time-critical response to unexpected change, which improves service performance and ultimately, customer relationships.

Once personnel and vehicle are in the field, controlling service operations has traditionally been the weak link in the work schedule chain. Numerous daily challenges face vehicle fleet operators or businesses maintaining a mobile field workforce. Meeting compliance requirements and key to reducing running costs, improving productivity and increasing customer satisfaction is maintaining communication via a mobile phone tracking solution between field staff and company centres of operation.

Consequently, contingency actions in rapid response to changing customer Sale and Leaseback: Financial Magic for Fleet Management requirements, traffic conditions, manpower resources, vehicle availability or emergencies can ensure a less disruptive workflow transition. Equally critical is the provision of complete work schedule visibility to ensure correctly matched assignment to job resourcing, effectively managed timesheets and fuel emission monitoring.

Integrating best-of-breed mobile workforce solutions which is fully modular and scalable within an existing operations control “back office” system brings the essential added value of vehicle tracking to essential information management.

24/7 location data updated through customisable, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, fleet tracking and mobile asset tracking through a strategic, consultative approach can quickly enforce desired management operational efficiency and ensures rapid return on investment through enhanced reporting scheduling software bringing tangible cost reduction.

It is by automating the management of assets and mobile workers in the field that the harnessing of powerful end-to-end mobile resource management technology can significantly help businesses optimise fleet performance and the service delivery process.

Tracking field service performance assists fleet operators and field service providers by reducing operational costs, whilst at the same time increasing mobile worker productivity and customer service enables by complete visibility of field operation efficiency levels.

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