More often than not, life bombards you with a ton of every day situations and disruptions that at some point push you towards the need to have an escape — and a need to have a big change, and some contrast to your daily routines. In your try to keep pace with the demands of life, society, and ‘happiness’, it’s too easy to instinctively move away from fun things which you like to do and engage yourself instead in things that may be boring, but are necessary for success.

In the crazy race of life, you can lose view of life’s meaning, and the desire to find true happiness and peace still generally seems to softly call you. Keep in mind that standing at a cross road, Chuan Teik Ying buying a break away from life’s “traffic”, there is no better way to heal your tired physique and/or bruised soul than to get rid from day-to-day dullness and shake out the cobwebs, with an adventure travel getaway!

The rejuvenating benefits of adventure travel go beyond the cliché ‘feel-good’ factor of enjoying a little ticket outdoors. It’s true; we tend to get obsessed with the material world and without realizing it, become dependent on the disruptions in our surroundings and belongings for our happiness. The truth is that true happiness and peace isn’t always easy to find in material luxuries bound by the closed walls of apartments or suburban comfort, and that some time away from it all on an outdoor adventure close by nature giving wings to your spirit and soul!

A trip in to a new place, with ticket, stunning scenery, strange and new creatures, and a taste of the free spirit of nature, gives you a fully fresh view and bigger perspective of life. An adventure internationally with an immersion in another culture is always good medicine for your soul!

Adventure travels are not just about enjoying spectacular scenery and challenging your physical abilities but also about valuable realizations that bubble up along the way, realizations you make through your experiences, and the peace that you find in doing so. Adventure travels also give you the confidence to approach situations and deal with them in fresh, inspired ways. It’s about living your dreams and feeling the rush of energy you’ll return with and how you’ll use it when you get back.

Any time you start on a new journey, you can find yourself changing and growing as a individual. In the process, often without knowing it’s happening, you learn lessons about yourself, maybe through watching a Sherpa child play with a simple stick, for example teaches you to be more patient. Through the contrasts of other cultures, you can really appreciate so many wonder of life that we really do skip over. Traveling teaches you to forget and eliminate simple matters.

Traveling is enslaving for so many reasons, and once you get the taste of one journey, you’ll be hungering for more. When adventure traveling, your rewards start with losing yourself despite the forests and beauty of Nature! The rest flood in when you come back home and you can feel your soul resonating with peace and solace.

You should not be a Bear Grylls or even sleep in a tent to enjoy these experiences, for example hiking through places like New Zealand’s spectacular Milford track. You can adventure in comfort where you can ponder life on top of a magnificent mountain level of skill, maybe holding a glass of merlot!

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