The main purpose of a classified ad is to sell your product or service, find something in particular, or generate interest that will drive people to your website for more information. As simple as this may sound, it can be tricky when you are new to it. If you have never run a classified ad or if you have run a classified ad only to find it isn’t performing the way that you want it to, it is more than likely a simple mistake you can quickly fix. These 5 simple tips can help you create more profitable ads in no time.

The average person most likely won’t  free classified ads posting sites  understand business jargon. Make sure your ads are understandable for potential buyers by using a speaking style of writing that your target market would use on a daily basis. Describe your product or service to them in a way that will get them motivated and excited to respond to your offer.

Since most online classified ad services are free, take advantage of it and run your ad in multiple places. This will not only help you figure out which services are getting you the best results, it will give you a broader range of potential customers. Running multiple ads also gives you the ability to test headlines and ad wording so you can see what works best and hone your “sales pitch.” Your first ad generally won’t be your best, so don’t be discouraged and keep trying.

People want to know what’s in it for them. If you take the time to explain how it can improve or enhance their life in some way, they are more likely to make the purchase. For example, instead of just telling them the jacket you are selling is Goretex, add that it will keep them dry in any wet weather.

If you are trying to sell an item, people will want to see what it looks like, especially if it is a used item. If you are selling a service try to add pictures that show what your service does (the end result). If you run a fitness business, get permission from clients and post images of you in action. If you do yard maintenance, ask if you can post pictures of a yard you made look wonderful. If a potential customer can see what they are getting, they will be much more likely to purchase.

If you are selling an item or even more importantly a service that many others are selling, you have one very unique advantage – you! Right away your product or service is different because you are a part of it, and no one else can be you! Your ads should be well written but infused with your humor, speaking style or knowledge – something others don’t have. To put it another way, your ad doesn’t have to sound or look like the competitions ads. You want your ad to stand out as different.

And just one extra hint: If you provide links to your website, make sure they work. This sounds logical, but there are a lot of classified ads out there that provide links that simply don’t work. Test your own ad links and see what your potential customer is getting, it can make all the difference.

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