Are you looking for a phone that is in the top lead around the world? Well if you did not already have one then you should know that the Samsung Company is the leading mobile phones around the world. samsung au7700 The Samsung Company has been advertising for their phones for many years now and has some of the eye catching designs people are looking for in a phone today. If you are looking for a new phone from Samsung then we suggest the Samsung M8800 Pixon. When you get this new Samsung camera phone you will be happy to see the phones specifications and abilities the phone has.

The Samsung Pixon has a unique look, which brings the phone to being one of the top sellers of the Samsung Company. The phone is 3G enabled and ready to rock your world. This high specification camera phone is built with a touch screen that allows you to surf the web easy and text faster than before. The phone allows you to play some of the most graphic games that are out there today for a mobile phone. The Samsung M8800 Pixon also allows you to watch the downloaded videos you are wanting. The memory on the Samsung M8800 Pixon has 200mb of internal memory. You can also buy upgraded external memory that you can save your pictures on like a memory card. The micro SD external memory card can be up to 8 GB and can be found in any retail store.

If you are looking for a phone that has a built in digital camera then you should get the Samsung M8800. The Pixon phones digital camera provides you with an 8 megapixel camera that allows you to take a picture with high quality. The Pixon by Samsung offers a built in digital camera that brings you some of the most wanted updated technology such as the auto focus, shake reduction and blink detection.

The built in camera is perfect for someone that is looking for a camera and phone. The pictures can be viewed in a high revolution screen on your phone. The Pixon phone has USB ports v2.0 that is compatible to hook to your computer. The Bluetooth is also added to the Samsung M8800 Pixon, which means you can listen to your music you want on the phone. The internet can also be used the M8800 Pixon, which provides some of the fastest internet that is out there today on a phone.

The Pixon brings you some of the updated technology that cell phone can have. Surfing the web has gotten to be easy using your mobile phone and your touch screen allows you to send email. The Samsung Pixon is not too expensive if you are looking for one for yourself or family with no contract. When you purchase the phone you should also look into the other phones that the Samsung Company has to bring. The new Pixon phone from Samsung is the phone that pay as you go and don’t need a company contract. This brings new options of paying as you go.


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