Les and Samantha Scadding won half of the £90 million lottery jackpot on Friday 6 November 2009. The European lottery known as EuroMillions had paid out once more. The other £45 million was also paid to a UK resident.

Disagreements meant that a European lottery, originally considered in the 1990s, was not actually up and running until 7 February 2004. Total sales however now amount to many billions of euros and weekly ticket sales running pengeluaran hk   towards 100 million euros.

Originally, the first draw was run by Camelot in the UK (alongside the UK lottery draw), the Loterias y Apuestas del Estado in Spain and Francaise des Jeux in France. It became a truly European lottery in October 2004 when Portugal, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Ireland and Switzerland joined.

More excitement is created by the draw regularly ‘rolling over’ (when the jackpot is not won so is carried over and added to that of the following week) and the jackpot increasing. EuroMillions rules state, however, that this cannot happen more than eleven times so the twelfth week will always produce a winner. Winners of the jackpot in the European lottery usually match five balls and two lucky stars but this could be reduced to five balls and one lucky star on this twelfth rollover week.

The second largest payout from the was in February 2007 when a gentleman in Belgium received 100 million euros. The largest jackpot the euro lottery results show, however, was a huge 115 million euros paid to a lady in Ireland in July 2005 after the total had rolled over for nine weeks.

Tickets cost two euros or two GB pounds although Ireland and Portugal also provide a three euros ‘plus’ option. The winning numbers are drawn in Paris every Friday night. The payouts are different for each member country depending on the funds that country contributes and generally free of tax except in Switzerland.

Camelot, the UK lottery draw administrators, added the Millionaire Raffle Game to the European lottery which produces another millionaire each Friday. There is no doubt, with some variations, the EuroMillions is accepted as a truly European lottery and is very popular in each member country in which it is played.


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