One of the most successful models in the Range Rover lineup is the new, small illuminazione giardino SUV called the Evoque. Its compact dimensions, fuel efficient drivetrain, and modern design have helped to make it quite a big sales success and expand the brand to a younger generation of buyer. The success of the new model has also led many different aftermarket tuning companies to unveil new upgrade programs for the SUV that include everything from engine performance enhancements to interior refinements. One British aftermarket tuning company unveiled a new package that includes everything such as a vibrant new paint job, body kit, interior redesign and COR Rims package to make it even more aggressive and stylish.

The first part of the Range Rover Evoque that was altered by the British aftermarket company was the exterior. A new Fuji White paint was applied to the body of the SUV while high gloss black was painted on the pillars, roof, and side mirrors. A new front bumper with integrated vents, LED daytime running lights, high gloss black mesh inserts was installed and complemented by black headlight surrounds, a three-dimensional mesh grille, and lettering on the hood. Between the set of COR Rims sit new side skirts with black accents and new fender inserts. At the rear sits a new bumper with integrated center-mounted exhaust tips and diffuser. A trunk lid spoiler and insert help to generate extra downforce when necessary at high speeds.

The next step in terms of style and design was for the British aftermarket tuning company to install a new set of COR Rims at the front and rear axle of the Range Rover Evoque. The forged wheels were installed in a 9.5 x 22 fitment at all four corners and given a matte black finish to contrast the Fuji White paint. Behind each wheel sits a newly-painted gold brake caliper that clenches down on the factory rotors. New low-profile tires were also installed on the new COR Rims to ensure a sporty stance and more athletic handling for the compact SUV.

Inside, much of the interior was redesigned to create a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere. Each of the five seats was outfitted with soft quilted leather and alcantara with contrasting red highlights along each side. Leather and red stitching was also installed on the dashboard, arm rests, center console, and transmission tunnel. The center stack was given a carbon fiber finish while the gauges were equipped with red faces. New stainless steel pedals and door entry sills add a touch of custom-tailored design for the Range Rover Evoque.

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