Tutorials For Beginners About the Guitar – Guitar Parts For Beginners

Now, that you had made your first move to be a guitar player, this will serve as your guide through the steps you needed in order for you to learn the basics about the guitar. But, in order for you to be called as the guitar god (if you prefer to reach that level) you need to know this basic stuff. The guitar parts, as a beginner, must be learned first before you can strum those strings as an expert. The parts of the guitar are as follows:

1. The guitar has a body and this is the largest part of it. The size of a guitar may vary from different sizes and shapes depending upon its creator. Some can be big and some can be small. It can also be thin or thick. And it can also be about its brand that has its signature feel form the brand itself.

2. The things you can see from the top of the guitar with screws that you can make the string loosen or tighten are called the tuning pegs. This part is responsible for tuning all the string in a guitar. It can make a string lower its tune or make it higher. Depends upon the tuning you prefer to use. The appearance of this thing can differ also from the type or maybe from the brand of your guitar. It is usually made with ivory but, you can also see some that is made with metal. This does not affect how the guitar sounded if it is made with ivory or not.

3. You can find these tuning pegs in the headstock or peg head of the guitar. This is used to hold the tuning pegs together. Not much for this part. But, without this, you know what will happen.

4. The fingerboard is the place where we do the chords for the guitar. Some call this part fret board and some called it the arm of the guitar. Well, whatever you may call it; it will always be the longest part in the guitar.

5. You can see divisions in a fret board, do you? Well, that part inside the divisions of horizontal line sometimes with a white mark in it is called the fret. This is used to distinguish how high or low the note is. This can also tell you that you can locate that specific chord in that fret which you can see in a guitar chord chart.

6. The sound hole is the hole you can see in a guitar. And this is not just a design. This can amplify the sound of the guitar. Guitars with no sound hole has less volume of sound and usually has a pickup in them. This is usually located under the string in the body of your guitar. But, some guitars sound hole is located elsewhere.fender stratocaster parts

7. This part can sometime be seen in a guitar or not. Some has one and some do not. The one who makes the strings locked in its place is called the saddle. This pin like thing is the one that you put in the hole of the bridge which I will explain later. Lock the strings tightly with this thing to prevent any accidents while you play the guitar.

8. The Bridge handles the string that you locked in it using the saddle. Bridge may come from different types. Some bridges do not need a saddle to lock the strings in it. This type of bridge is made with metal. The bridge that requires a saddle is made of wood and has a hole to put the strings and lock it inside using it.

9. And lastly, the strings that make a guitar whole and can make good melodies from it. This is has a very obvious task and you guessed it right, my friend. This is the part of the guitar you need to strum or pluck to make a sound.

So, that is the major parts of the guitar. This is biggest fundamental you need in order to learn the guitar in a correct way. Beginners must have patience, cause, if you do not have this you can not succeed in it. Be optimistic and you will see the results in the future.



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