To understand what Wicker sunroom furniture is, you must first know what is Wicker and how it differentiates from Rattan. Wicker includes all types of products that are made out of natural materials, willow, rush, banana leaf, grasses, straw, cane or reed. They are mostly Wicker Porch Furniture woven in between frames of Rattan. Rattan refers to a vine that can grow up to some hundred feet high and is extremely strong and durable. Most of the times, both these two materials are used together to make the sunroom furniture. They are soaked in water to soften the fibers so that it can be woven properly. When they are stained, they show slight difference in color and hue. This makes the product look all the more natural and attractive. The wicker sunroom indoor furniture can be molded into various shapes and forms to provide an inexhaustible range of wicker products in all types of look and style. Thus, no matter how your sunroom is shaped and placed, you will definitely find similar shaped wicker furniture to go with the look and feel of your conservatory or sunroom.

Common Wicker Furniture Items

Wicker sunroom furniture can be divided into outdoor & porch furniture, semi-outdoor furniture, and indoor furniture. The outdoor furniture items include seating arrangements, plant stand, porch swing, tables, lounges, rocking chairs, ottomans, loveseats, bar stools, dining tables and chairs, and dining set. The seating arrangements are provided with aluminum frameworks with resin to resist adverse weather. The cushions have weather resistant synthetic fabrics and the sets are available in shades of honey, white, green and grey. The dining set consists of poly-propylene that is hand woven with an interlocking table top with the base of the table. They are available in various colors including black, white, green, golden honey and brown. The dining chairs are stackable and available in various shades including black, brown, green, honey with sage finish and cream frames. The serving chairs measure around 37″X18″ with a height of 32″. The bar set has two shelves made of polypropylene with aluminum framework. They are placed with thick glass on top of them. The bar stools can be stacked and have to be stored properly. The loveseats are available in various colors including golden honey, sage, green and white and generally measure 53″X27″ with a height of 32″. The rocking chairs are part of the all season resin sets available in shades of green, white, golden honey, blue, brown, black and sage. They measure around 33″X36″, with a height of 37″. The porch swings are set with comfortable cushions and measure 52″X25″, with a height of 25″. They are available in various colors to suit the look and feel of your sunroom.

The wicker vanity consisting of a glass topped bench with a mirror and an ottoman will look best if placed next to the sunroom window. Usually they measure 30″X17″, with a height of 52″ and are available in various colors to suit the color of the sunroom. You can also place file cabinets with two drawers, the top of which is made of glass to support photo frames and telephones. You can opt from a range of wicker desks with file cabinets, drawers and cushioned chairs. They are ideal for placing computers and carrying out paper works. The size and style of wicker furniture items depends not only on the size and design of the sunroom or conservatory, but also on the style of the sunroom roof. Rocking chairs and furniture with curved edges are best placed inside curved roofs. Similarly, wicker items with straight edges are best placed in conservatories and straight roofs. The swivel topped TV stand consists of a couple of drawers with an open area for placing the DVD/VCD player. They measure around 31″X18″, with a height of 30″, and are available in various shades including tea wash, dark honey, coffee, and white.

Bath Fixtures And Bedroom Furniture

You can decorate the little space of your sunroom that you use to take bath with the Wicker furniture items. The room screens and dividers are available in three panels with a width of 18″ and height of 72″. The wicker étagère are sometimes provided with doors and sometimes left open. The framework is of steel and they are available in a variety of colors. The three tier floor shelves can be used for a variety of purposes like placing towels, decorating with flowers and placing other decorative items. The bedroom collection includes day beds, wardrobes and dressers, framed mirrors, nightstand, dressers and beds. The dressers or wicker chests are provided with multiple drawers in a variety of colors. The day beds are the ideal place to relax during the afternoon and measure around 81″X41″, with a height of 42″. Wicker furniture lends a natural look and feel to your sunroom design and provides the ideal place to relax with a view of the surrounding landscape.

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